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I know, I know the secret answer :Epox made this board with an Nvidia chipset so it would kill Nvidia cards and run Ati cards exclusively!!!!!! LOL Yeh Right!!!! I was using another manufacturers board building a new system a few years ago, I put my almost new Voodoo5 5500 in it and was rewarded on first boot by something like shorting out to greet me! Needless to say my V5 died a horrible death was it the mobo? I still don't know what it was but taking no chances I bought a new video card then rma'd the mobo,ram,proscessor and psu and got all new stuff I didn't take any chances with it the second time! So could your board be bad maybe but why didn't the second video card you put in it die also?????? Sounds like something let go in your GF4 to me!!
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