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Daniel, is this a forum or a concentration camp run by motherboard makers? I have read most of eliteones posts, and while not respectful sometimes, they are vaild claims and concerns. If YOU would do a lil research before flaming him YOU would see he is correct, the 8rda IS killing geforce4 cards. Visit nforcersHQ, hardocp, amdmb, overclockers, anandtech, etc, and you will find posts on every forum asking about the 8rda+ killing geforce 4 cards. On top of that, you will find posts about motherboard resource issues when using both a usb mouse and usb keyboard, pci and agp locks being lost at high fsb speeds, multiplier changes causing very different system performance, etc. If this post gets me banned so be it, but I hate seeing someone flamed and or heavy handed into silence for making legitimate claims or asking legitimate questions.
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