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Smile [4PEA+] How about our BIOS updates?

Hi Epox dudes

I see you guys are all busy with the 8RDA+ with a BIOS that gives you a FSB of 250 (wow ) but I would like to have that also for my 4PEA+ Well atleast give us 217 which comes to 434 DDR and that is the limit of my CORSAIR PC3500 CAS2. The maximum of the board currently is a FSB of 200. So please, please add at least another 17 Mhz( if this is possible of course) or better yet, give us also the whole 50 Mhz extra

Are there any plans to further enhance the BIOS of this superb mobo?
I only have 1 problem with it, and that is that my prometeia cools the CPU to minus 23 C degrees, but in BIOS it says 81. Motherboard Monitor5 gives me a nice minus 23 when choosing 'Winbond 2 Diode'. Could you implement a fix for this error in the BIOS please?
Also the very first time when I booted up (after installing everything) the BIOS gave me a checksum error. Note that this only happened the very first time. It has not happened again after that. I was very happen to see that a reset solved this critical error. What could have caused this?

Well the most important thing is could someone please tell me if (and when) there will be a BIOS release with higher FSB for the 4PEA+?
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