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Originally posted by Vatt
Flashing the 04/12/2002 BIOS gave me the 3:4 and 4:5 dividers.
BUT..... I can no longer overclock anymore!!

In BIOS I set FSB to 150 (multiplier = 20) so that should give me an even 3.00 Ghz. When saving the BIOS with these new settings and restarting, once I get into windows the speed is back to 2.66 (132x20)

How can this be? Somewhere after posting it suddenly changes back to default... in the post screen it shows me nicely that it is running at 150x20=3.00 Ghz , but this is not the case when I get into windows!! So between the BIOS screen en the windows starting it is changing.

It's a wrong version of Bios. Many people had problems with it
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