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I really wanted to have the 3:4 divider so I let this -not so good- BIOS on it. After flashing ,I switched the power off, moved the jumper to clear the CMOS. Went to smoke a cigarette. Moved the jumper back to original state, put the power back on and what do you know? It works I'm now running a P4 2.66 @ 3.0 (FSB 150x20) with the 3:4 divider so memory is now at 400 Mhz.
I hope the next BIOS release won't give me so much troubles.

I really do not like the oc-potential of my P4 2.66 (which is C1 stepping, all 2.66 are C1 stepping I just found out )
Prime95 quits with errors when I use a FSB of 160 (=3.2 Ghz) no matter how much the voltage is. I have used even the max of 1.85, the P4 gets pretty hot at that voltage, it shows -8 with my Prometeia.

About the BIOS temps showing negative values at a reboot. I just saw it flashing by. Still strange it only shows it correct at a warm boot. When I turn the computer on in the morning, it shows 82 or so. Weird. I hope they can also fix this in a new BIOS release.

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