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Originally posted by AidanII

ANC works great with lower frequency noise. It plain sucks at higher frequencies. My older bro worked on one for aircraft at one point, but they had real difficulties cancelling out the HF noise in all but trivial situations.

Looks like somebody needs to come up with a higher RPM fan. Theoretically it should be possible to make a fan that spins so fast that the frequency is beyond what the human ear is capable of hearing. Increasing blade count should also help increase the pitch of the noise as well.

A 14 blade fan would only need to spin at 95,000 RPM(possible, as some turbo chargers spin up to 150,000 RPM) to operate at a pitch beyond that of human hearing. The next problem would be eliminating the white noise generated by airflow, this could be solved by modifying blade pitch to reduce airflow. This would pretty much be needed if you want a fan to spin at such RPMs anyway, and the less intense blade pitch would increase output pressure as well.

I should just attach a 10,000 RPM 1/4HP AC motor to a turbo charger impeller with a 1:10 step up belt drive. Should give me plenty of air Or I could just use the wet stuff to keep the CPU cool, like I always end up doing . . . Really can't beat water-cooling . . .
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