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Here is the response i got from the epox technical support about the 3:4 divider:

Sorry for the trouble. 3:4 was resolved in the latest BIOS release
12/2/2002. It was posted today. Please download it and retest.

Thank you for your interest in EPoX products and contacting our support
department. If you reply ensure to include all previous E-mail text. It
will prevent unnecessary delays and guarantee the fastest possible

Attention AOL Users: AOL software prevents you from simply replying with
all previous text history. Workaround by highlighting he entire message
then click on the Reply button.

Best Regards,

Technical Support (47)
EPoX International, Inc. USA
Please provide previous E-mail text if replying.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Have you registered your EPoX motherboard?
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