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Strange. I am also using a 533 processor instead of a 400 Mhz(or 133 instead of 100 if you will). So it should work.
Have you tried clearing CMOS after flashing? That's what I did because of some troubles I had after flashing. I even got some BIOS checksum and CMOS errors. But after clearing the CMOS it works perfectly now.

So what I did was:
1:Flash the newest BIOS
2:Reboot computer when asked
3:just let it boot into windows
4:Turn of the computer (from within windows, just standard stuff)
5:Take of the power cord or pull the plug
6:Move JBAT1 jumper to clear CMOS (see manual)
7:Wait a minute or so
8:Move the jumper for JBAT1 back in original postion
9:Put the power back on
10:Start up
11: Press 'DEL' to get into BIOS
and all should work.

Good luck
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