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I don't know about you guys, but if there really is no pci lock, then I think that many of you who purchased the board got a raw deal--the ones who were expecting the lock.

Technically, epox hasn't lied, but by not being open with the truth and/or hiding behind NDA's, they are not acting professionally at all.

I mean, at least stand up for your product! Just come right out and say it doesn't have a pci lock, or that you're going to release a bios to fix it.

I have had my eye on this board, but because I don't trust any of these companies anymore, I've been waiting for hard evidence verified by many, many sources.

Businesses today are like politicians--they lie, twist the truth and do whatever it takes to win your vote--I mean, make a sale...

Hopefully, there really is a pci lock right now, and we can all go on thinking that epox is still a stand-up company. Until we know for sure, simply don't buy the board--unless you have money to burn, of course.
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