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8rda+ and GF3 drivers tested

i ran 3dmark01 at default settings 3 times for each of these drivers.
each driver was set as follows:
aa: off
direct 3d:
anisotropic: 0
high image quality
open gl:
buffer flipping: auto
vsync: off
anisotropic: disabled
on the newest drivers that have the application/blend/performance option i had it on blend.

each score is averaged and rounded

28.32- would not complete on 2 out of 3 runs
31.91- 7900
27.20- 7950
27.42- 7950
23.11- 8100
29.42- 8500
40.71- 8900
41.04- 9100
40.72- 9200
41.09- 9200

from a seat of the pants perspective i like 40.72. the visual quality is excellent, the frame rates are excellent and i like its interface the best.

hope this saves someone else the work
2100xp 200x11.5 aiuhb 0204
swiftech mc462a rev1
epox 8rda+
512mb corsair xms3200 cl2 (2 256 sticks) 5-2-2-2
40gb 7200rpm wd 8mb cache
9700 pro 3.1 based omegas
56x cdrom
24x10x40 cdrw
winxp pro
19" trinitron
600w ps

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