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8RDA+ 200Mhz No Go

Well, I'm a litte disappointed at this point. Originally, I could not even boot into windows at 200mhz FSB. THen I added a quiet 40mm fan to the NB heatsink and I could use WinXP about 15 minutes before the system would lock. So, thinking it is a heat issue, I pulled off the NB heatsink and cleaned off the crappy Epox paste (like gum) and applied some Arctic Silver. I can still only use Windows for a little while before the system hard locks.

Also, if I try to watch my PCI TV Tuner card, the system immediately locks (when at 200mhz FSB).

I don't think there is a PCI lock at 200mhz & that is what is causing the problem. If I'm right, I wish I went with Asus.

BUT, I've also heard that the PCI bus is locked to 1/2 the speed of the AGP bus. Not sure if that is true. Anyone care to speculate?

BTW...The rest of my system:

(2) Corsair XMS3500C2 256MB
AthlonXP 2400+
Adaptec 29160
Seagate X15-36LP (18GB)
Atlas 10K III (36GB)
Hauppaute WinTV Tuner
Intel Pro/100+ NIC (because the POS onboard NIC doesn't work!)

Next week I'm going to pull all my PCI cards to do some stability testing. Does anybody know of a utility I can use to measure the speed of the PCI bus?

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