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For reason's unknown, Win98SE has trouble locating
emm386.exe or himem.sys during the installation process at times. According to the state of my present 7 week old SE installation, himem.sys is located in both C:\Windows\Command\EBD, and C:\Windows.

Sometimes aborting the installation and starting over works. More often, a reformat of C:\ (in the off chance that you don't know this, "format c:" is the correct command to format the C:\ drive prior to a Win98 install. Using "format c:\ /s" works properly for Win95--NOT 98) and a new installation works. Once in a blue moon, you can put himem.sys(or emm386.exe) where it's supposed to go, from a floppy.

At least this problem presents itself at the start of the installation process. My un-fave is the twenty or so critical .vxd's and .dll's that are announced as missing after installing 98!
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