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Ya know the REASON why they put stickers on outside of machines that say "unplug BEFORE servicing" is BECAUSE some MORON didn't and got shocked (and probably died) So somebody probably sued over this saying that they should of had a sticker on the outside telling people NOT to work on the equipment when the power is on.

So what's my point? Well my point is this. WHEN dealing with the public (companies) have to spell it out in the simplest of terms and talk to the lowest common denominator. This usually fixes the problem.

I get this sometimes when I call tech support for the copiers that I work on. They get techs that call for dirty copies and it turns out that the tech just forgot to clean the mirrors. (something that is suppose to be done on every service call and is elementary in copier repair.

Do I find it insulting, a little but I understand why. (I've been doing this for 6 years) So we quickly skip over all the easy stuff ( I rarely call for easy stuff I usually stump them) and get down the real nitty gritty.

I've gotten service calls of people complaining that there copier will not turn on. I ask them if it's plugged into the wall. They say "hold on let me check" Usually they come back and say, "oops I guess it got unplugged!!!" So it's obvious that they didn't check the obvious. (this is how I make my money)

I hope that helps you in understanding WHY you got the response that you got.
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