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Originally posted by RacerX1
Well I emailed Epox like Caper has asked, this is the response I received............

Dear Michael,

Well normally the no metal to metal problem should not give any problems but you have to watch very carefully that the card is inserted right

other wise the card could be damaged. By inserting it in the wrong way.

Best Regards,

Michael (FAE Team)

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This is very insulting to say the least. Not only that but the tid bit on the front page of this site about having someone else build you computer is just bull*****.

Hers's a little advice for Epox and the moderators of this forum. You should take a lesson from Abit and learn to actually listen to what their value customers have to say. We the users probably test and know more about your motherboards than yourselfs. Thats a fact! Instead you insult your fans with childest remarks and instead of actually thinking you guys have a problem.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this either.
And you bent your AGP card out of the way whilst inserting memory I take it ?
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