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Originally posted by RacerX1

Let me ask you something. Is is normal when installing a AGP card that you actually need to bend the card ever so slightly. My MSI card is setup in a way that the white tab on slot 2 nearest the cpu make perfect contact with the memory regulator on the backside of the card. So if I were to install my card correctly by going straight down the with the card that white tab stops me from installing it unless I slightly bend the card.

Is this right? Obviously MSI's layout of its cards have been out longer than the 8RDA+.

I'll tell ya what instead of me RMAing the card I will send the card to you. If needed I will send my board as well. Is it possible my vdimm slots might actually be closer than others?

I'm not here to start a war. I've been in and building pc's for alittle over 10years now. Obviously for guys like myself who do constant testing are more subject to issues like this but this is the first time I lost a AGP card period.

Others seem to be losing theirs also. I can't speak for them cause they might be running really extreme FSB and using the extra agp voltage in the bios without proper cooling.

Other than that this board is fat. Probably thee best board I've laid my hands on in sometime. Only other thing I would of liked to see is the SATA.

Thanks for your responses.
Please contact your vendor in this instance.
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