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thank you,kris,cloasters,b0bbinz.
as i was trying to recover from a crash by re=installing win98 on top of win 98, the cd didn't want to run the install progy. i copy
the win98 file to c:/win98 and setup from there. i did manage to get the highmem.sys copied from a floppy to the right dir. some
foo changed the name of the \WINDOWS dir to WINDOZE
after overwriting the highmem.sys, a normal boot resulted
must also say the i took out one stick of pc133 before i overwrote
highmem.sys and i did not get the emm.386 error msg. will put
it back in later just to see if it's bad.
time for a new mobo & ddr
Folding 24/7 with AMD QuadCore CPU's & nVidia Cuda Powered GPU's

AOA Team fah

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