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Very weird P4 throttling on 4PEA !

I have a 4PEA with Dec 04 BIOS. Cooling is Swiftech MCX462 and Delta 68cfm. Last night I was benching my 1.8A at 3GHz and AGP at 80MHz bus. In the first run it was fine. However after I rebooted to bench again, suddenly the performance dropped like nuts Rebooted and rebooted and rebooted but the problem wouldn't go away I noticed one thing: the System temp in the POST screen was 0 while it was about 20C in my room. Anyway I checked with Sandra and.........damnit the CPU's performance went down to a third of what it was supposed to be ! Tried fiddling with the Thermal Throttling percentages in the BIOS and yep it was the throttling that lowered my CPU's performance. I managed to fix it by putting the AGP clock at a slightly lower speed: 78MHz. After I did that, System temp went back to normal, which was about 26C.

Now what the heck do CPU's thermal throttling and System temperature have to do with AGP bus ?
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