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looks like i am running same components as hellos. suggest you try cpu interface optimal, memory expert, auto, 7,3,3,2.5 agp freq 66, cpuv 1.8 or 1.85, vdimm 2.77, agp 1.5v, . my locked 1600+palomino aroia stepping is currently at 10.5x175, 1.85v, cpu temp 33C, system 29C, ambient 75F, which is obviously low due to way epox reads temps. also, put a fan on northbridge. lots of other posts on this subject, including one by me with a quick cheap fix. noticeable improvement. finally, reseat your heatsink. if you are running temps that high, you may not be seated properly. before i watercooled, i never got that high.
edit: adjusted temps, read the manual on which dimms to install mem. i'm in 1&3 for dual.
8RDA3+ rev3.1, Taipan bios
2500XP-M, IQYHA 0407,
11x230, vcore 1.75,vdd 1.8, vdimm 2.9
2x256twinmos/winbond3200 11,3,3,2.5
innovatek/black ice watercooled 40C/43C, sys 28C
antek 430true
Radeon9700Pro, 360/330

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