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Smile Electron Microscope III v2.2.8 (Update)

Fixed a bug in create stats page routines
Window change view faster
Stats recovery method changed

Turns out I forgot to test and make sure a data stats file actually exists before I try and create the HTML stats page. Ooops... this will cause EM to freeze up in previous versions. Now, it doesn't do anything.

When changing window views it was slow to update if there were several clients being monitored. I re-wrote the routines to speed this up. You should notice a faster change in the client display, especially in the 7 and 13 view where proteins are not displayed. Turning off the protein drawing routines speeds up the display even more. This may be helpful if you are monitoring a very large number of clients, but there is no need to do that unless you change views a lot.

Stanford notified us that they had improved the stats recovery method they were using. It is many times faster but the format of the returned data was changed so EM had to be modified to read it. I didn't want to release an update until this new method went live at Stanford so I wouldn't have to release an update back to back. I also tried to make sure that the correct score information was being returned. EM verifies both the user name and the team number match before it decides the score it found (if any) is good.

Many thanks to those that donated a few $$$ to help me keep the EM-DC web site up and running this past year. It all helps, and you will see many changes and improvements in the site over this next year.

I hope everyone has a great New Year!

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