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i'd like to still be able to use this box as a file and print server.
Er, not sure I understand 100%. Is "this box" a dual-boot NT/2k/XP and Linux box? Or an NT/2k/XP machine only, and you're trying to share drives with a separate Linux box?

is there a work around so that i will be able to write to my NTSF drive?
If you're trying to write to an NTFS drive that is local in your machine (your primary master, eg) then no. NTFS is built a bit like a database, and writing files requires the OS to make changes to several places: get it wrong and the file system's toast. At the moment, the drivers are apt to get it wrong.

I have, however, been able to read and write to an NTFS drive for several months without a glitch - that drive resides in an XP box at the opposite end of the house to my Linux box, and has been accessed by Samba. Ethernet takes away any issues over filesystem - one OS says to the other "here's a file, deal with it" and that's about it.
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