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Since hardware is a major part of what Distributed Computing is all about, I have started to build information pages devoted to helping a DC'er enhance and/or expand their system or systems to get more power going on their DC project of choice. The first page of information was built from a post on the Free-DC hardware forum by Steve Watkins. He took pictures and outlined the "how to's" involved in using one power supply to power two motherboards. It was pretty well done, and since this is just the thing I've been looking for to compress my farm into a smaller area, I can tell you this works. As I create other new hardware related pages I will expand the area to a hardware news page with links to the information on how to get more out of your DC stuff. I hope you enjoy the first offering and of course any comments or suggestions are always welcome.

If you know of or have an article, post, images, etc. that go into some hardware detail that other DC folks might like to read about, see, and/or get some use out of, please feel free to point me to it. All contributed information will be credited to the person who wrote the info, and of course any pictures that go along with it. I am interested in helping others expand and improve their DC situation. This isn't a hardware "review" section, or anything like that. It is strictly related to hardware information for the DC person. Please keep that in mind when suggesting or submitting anything.
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