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Ok, that's it.. can't hit 200FSB -- my solution!

Well, after many wasted days of trial and error.. I've given up on my current setup to ever hit 200FSB (in DualDDR). So, I ordered new stuff. I'm quite tired of people blaming my hardware, so fine.. time to rule all that out (even though I know it's not the hardware). So, I went crazy and:

- Sold my 8RDA+ Revision 1.0, and ordered a Revision 1.1.
- Sold my Antec SL400, and ordered an Antec True550.
- Sold my 2x256 XMS3200C2, and ordered 2 new sticks.
- Sold my Thermaltake SK-7, and now have a H2O cooling setup*.

Now.. if I still can't do 200FSB, I'm going to go on a shooting spree.

* "H2O Cooling Setup" consists of Danger Den "Maze2-2", BeCool "Aquacoil" and a Maxi-Jet 900.

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