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Originally posted by alpha22555
I wish you luck I have tried two different 8RDA+ boards I have tried two different sets of xms3500 I updgraded from a 350watt enermax to a 480 watt antec yet still if I want stability 190x2 is the best I can do I have an xp2200 and I have done everything people have suggested from removing the Jumper that's right below the Power connection to increasing Vcore voltage and even dimm voltage. Im hoping a bios update in the future will fix issues because it seams to me alot of people here cannot hit 200fsb and run stable.
To me, it seems to be a DualDDR issue. I ran 200FSB with no sweat while using 1x512MB XMS3200. There are, however, people who are running DualDDR @ 200FSB. There's obviously a variable somewhere.

The RAM manufacturers blame EPoX, and EPoX blames the RAM manufacturers.

We'll see how this pans out.. in any event, at least I'll be able (hopefully?) to break my 2.3GHz limit. I've gotten 2.4GHz stable, but that's about it for my air cooling setup (XP2400 + SK7).
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