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Have U ever tried to set the CPU interface to Optimal insted of agressive?
In agressive mode it seams to make some shortcuts when getting 64byte strides to the L2 cache and in a way overclock the FSB allready

Anyway I pulled the jumper removed thermal throtling and set the CPU inerface to Optimal and have been running @ 200 ever since... have not tried higher but 200 is enuff 4 me now
Epox 9npa+ Ultra, San Diego 3700+ @ 2720MHz (1.40V) stock cooler.
Corsair value select 2x512Meg DDR400 @ 227Mhz (2.7V) 2.5-3-3-10 1T
XFX 7800GT (481/1150), 340W PSU
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