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Toasted that one too.

Man this is not my time to get into overclocking. I just toasted another 1.4.

Placed the Temp probe next to the core and it sat just a bit higher than the core.

I got to watch the temp monitor tell me, "you are hosed!"


the entire time I was frantically trying to get to the back on my case to shut it off.

I was to late.

Well now at least I have a Load I can't hurt with whick to test my water cooling system.

it's currently stable with a water temp of 23.5C and a core temp of 24.4C. unfortunately I can't test it under load.

My third and hopefully final proc has already been ordered and should be here in a couple of days. I went with a Duron 800 this time so any mistakes won't be near so expensive. I'll go back to the big boys once I get my technique down. by then it will be an XP.

AMD Athlon XP 1700+(1.47)@2200+(1.75)
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Watercooled 226Watt TEC cooling Processor.
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