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Ahhhhhhhhh, loaded..........very.....

you are right about the right parts, but all mass production products have a certain inconsistency of a couple of %.....Like for example, the phrase, "you get what you pay for"...well true to a certain a $ reality....If you wanted your equipment to work 99.5% perfect then you would have it to mil spec or a very high Q.A. standard, which would cost you alot of $$$$$$$$$...

Anyhow, the vdd mod is a great option if you dare to try it.........After reading the data sheet on the chip that the resistor is connected to in the vdd mod, it says, "max volt is 1.81v and optimal is 1.8v" I didn't read the whole data sheet, but that might imply that it is safe for the chip to run at 1.8v......I don't know about the rest of the motherboard?

I have been running 1.85v and no problems what so ever.....I have pushed this board with my current setup for long periods at a time with the FSB between 210mhz to 225mhz in dual DDR setup and no problems to speak of....

Maybe you should write a checklist on all the troubleshooting methods, Volt mods read in all the the chase for the 200mhz fsb..

Then go down this list and try everything possible.....

A couple of basics that come to mind is:

- North Bridge cooled via water, or active air.
- Power supply 12v/5v lines at rated voltage.
- Vdd at least 1.6v
- Quality memory, (A good compatible stick)
- Equipment installed correctly.

Happy times...:-D
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