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I hate to say it Alpha, but 200/400fsb wasn't guaranteed bro- 166/333 was......... now that that is outta the way......
You haven't done the vdd mod yet have you? My guess is you haven't as you didn't mention it, and I know what your gonna say something probably like " I shouldn't have to hack up my board to get 200fsb"..... and your right really, I agree.
It seems like ALOT of folks were in the same EXACT boat as you, did the mod, and are now cruising between 215-230+fsb , so if you don't want to do the mod, and you've tried everything else, well then I guess there is nothing that we can do.
When you mod a board you are taking risks, no doubt about it, but I would think if you do the mod, and keep it under 1.8vdd you will probably be fine -- BUT THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES WITH MODS- I will NOT be BLAMED, and the void your warranty.
If you've tried to take the fans off the mobo and put on the molex connectors, you've tried upping the voltage ( that ram will run fine on 2.9 IMHO( mine does ), some folks run Corsair at over 3.1v for a long time with no ill effect- but no guarantee there either),you've switched ram slots, you've switched PSU's, you've manually set the timings in the bios to aggressive and optimal, and stopped the spd, you stripped any add-on cards besides the vcard..... you've checked the nb hs for overheating...... have you taken that off and applied AS?

I don't like the fact you are unable to get it to work to your satisfaction, as it is a great board, and you seem to have given it a good try thats for sure.
ET said that the vdd mod we are doing is bad, 1 guy blew up his board ( he was adjusting it with an ill advised 50k pot, should've been a 1K-15 turn cermet pot( for steady slow adjustments), went too fast and bamm see-ya , it was unfortunate user error), I believe he said it wasn't that the chipset couldn't handle voltage, it was the way it was done..... so you will have to weigh that if you are thinking about it.
Again I feel for ya man, as I have a very good idea how much $ you spent on that stuff, never mind the amount of time you have put into it.

If you haven't done everything that is in that list try them all, and if you have then I can't think of anything off hand that can help you besides the vdd mod........ but I may be forgetting something, and if I am I will let you know if I can think of anything else to try.
I am not advocating the use of this mod( well maybe a little..), but it does work.

Obviously any mods are at YOUR OWN RISK!

Sorry I couldn't be of more help man


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