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Bad unlock on 1900XP - what next?

I have an Athlon XP1900 running as in sig below. Unlocked with superglue & conductive paint method. I think I have a 'bad unlock' because

1) Not all multipliers are available (luckily my chosen one is )

2) Often on bootup I get the complaint that CPU parameters are incorrect. I have to enter setup and reset them. Rest of BIOS settings have remained unaffected.

3) I have run at standard chip settings recently and all is fine

4) I rushed the last phase of the unlock and it sure ain't neat!!

So, questions:

a) does this sound like a bad unlock to you?

b) if so, what is the best way to clean the chip and start again without breaking it?

c) if I do break it can I just shove a 2400 or 2600 in, keep both buses bus at around 166Mhz and run OK?
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