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There is nothing wrong with the Nvidia UDP 2.0.

There is a bug in the automatic UDP installation.

You have to re-install the IDE/ATAPI controller driver. When updating driver click on "I will choose(advanced)" - you should then see a small list - one of which is Nvidia Nforce MCP2 IDE controller. Install that and your HD's will stop being SCSI and you will options back for Primary & Secondary channels.

If you don't do this you will get disk corruptions and page faults, I know as it has happened to me.

I have run 4 OS's using the Nvidia drivers without any problems or slowdown in boot up.

And why on earth would you not want to use the fantastic on board sound? Have you heard Unreal Tournament 2003 through it?
Epox 8RDA+ Rev 1.1 Bios 3129
XP 2200+ running @ (10x200)
2 x 256mb Twinmos PC3200 (7,3,3,2)
Radeon 9600pro (Cata 3.7)
1 x 80GB Maxtor FB+ 9 8Mb
Samsung 616 DVD-Rom
Antec Truepower 430w
XP Pro SP1 DX9b
Nvidia UDP 2.03

MSI K7n2 Delta ILSR (BIOS ?)
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80Gb Maxtor 8mb 7200rpm
Samsung 616 DVD-Rom
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Antec Trupower 550w
XP Pro SP1 - DX9b
Nvidia UDP 2.45
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