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Thanks SteveI, but I'm confused

My memory is set at "Fast"; will test "Fastest". I suspect "Turbo" will fail miserably.

What do I need to change to synch DIMM and FSB? The memory timings are "auto", choices include 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 ns. I also have some 6T / 5T, 3T / 2T etc. settings that I'm unclear about, as well as Continuous DRAM request and Fast R/W Turnaround... whatever they are :nervous:

First things first, though. How do I synch RAM to FSB? Do I want to do this will "normal", "fast", or "fastest" pre-sets? [I'm sure you said, but I didn't understand ]

Edit: Set DIMM to 133 manually, rather than 166 or "By SPD" - whatever that is / was...:-D
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