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OK, did that: -

FSB @ 140, vDIMM @ 2.70v, vCore @ 1.85, "fastest" DIMM settings.

Seemed stable enough, but isn't the slower RAM clock (140 * 2) an awful lot slower than default 166 * 2 = 333? Actually, it's showing 350 with FSB @ 140 - as I'd hoped / expected.

I upped the FSB to a measly 141, and Windows wouldn't have it - BSoD.

For now, I'm back to asynchronous RAM, and calculating Pi to 1m places. More precision than that and it gets unstable "non convergent at SQR05" but since I want to play rather than draw very precise circles...

*#@%, Hang on... :nervous:

...does the FPU / CPU get this much hammering when polygoning? [a new verb] ?

Either way, is "Turbo" or "Fastest" synch @ 280 gonna beat "Fastest" asynch @ 350 ?
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