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Originally posted by cloasters
I know next to nada about water cooling. I think the diagram shows the mains powered 120mm's simply blowing out, or into the cooling "cabinet."

I thought the fans were suposed to ram air through the radiators? I'm just asking..
Ramming air is very inefficaint. You want to draw air through the radiator by creating a lower pressure on one side of the radiator. If you try to push the air it will hit the surface and deflect all over the place. If you try to pull the air through, it will try to come through at every nook and cranny. This will give you more even air flow and better cooling. Also a thicker fan will give you a higher pressure diferential with the same airflow as a thinner fan.

I would forgo the ducting and just seal up the box. Leaving tightly fitted and sealed openings around the radiators and the fans. And be sure to use 38mm thick fans.
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