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Originally posted by DisposableHero
ok now things are getting really wierd around here....

i flashed new bios... blah blah... mess around so then i say.. lets try to see if i can do 2vcore now...

well i go do it at 1.85 first which should turn off after a few mins... and nothing... then i say wow.. try 2vcore.. then after 9 mins no shutdown which would usually happen instantly!

maybe it took the newbios to somehow stop using the current regulator thing...

prime fails though


That rocks bud! :beer:

Very cool! I'm glad to see you're making progress.

Hard to say if the 3115 BIOS had any part of this. My first guess is to say no, but then again, something just changed for you.

I was already running 3115 before the mod and it didn't seem to change anything for me. Maybe it does adjust some other shutdown circuit besides the one on pin16. Maybe some boards need more than one change to run over 1.9v. (???)

Whatever the fix was, I glad it's fixed!
Good job sticking with it!
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