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Originally posted by Colin
What we need is a low pressure drop block like the revised Maze 2 or Fixitt's Spiral Block with a serious bolt on, dual 40 mm pelt coldplate. There is lots of room for improvement in the coldplate clamping mechanism, six countersunk bolts being the minimum. The hot Birds and Palominos in the now and near future require it.
Colin- If i do eventually get something to market, by the time I do Tbirds and Palominos will be a thing of the past, and .13m will be a month or so around the corner. Yeah sure, I'd consider making some schweet dual peltier blocks, but that is probably the smallest segmant of the market, I would need to apeal to the largest segamant of the market first to get "off the ground". IMO the largest watercooling market segment is the so called "entry level" kit seeker, who wants something easy to install, somthing moderately quiet, something considerably better than aircooling, and something that's not going to put more than a $120 dent in his wallet for the whole kit and kaboodal(<--SP?).

My "top secret" block mentioned in the posts above is very very "low preasure drop", could easily be adapted to accomodate twin pelts(could probably fit 10-12 coldplate screws), and as I said has 30 square inches of effective surface area. 30 square inches is probably about 3 times what a DD Maze2 has.
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