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Weird problem

Hello Everyone, Ooo my first post ere

System Specs

Radeon 9700 Pro
2x256 XMS 3200

I've just got a 2100 Tbred B core to replace my 2400 Tbred and I am having trouble achieving anything over 168FSB

If I put the 2400 in I can get 10.5x192 24/7 1.6V Stable under full load

But if I put the 2100 in and try anything over 168 or up the vcore above 1.85 the siren goes off. I am sure that if I could get the vcore higher the cpu will oblige but how?

Currently at 13.5x168 with 1.825Vcore


I know that a 525mhz overclock aint to be sniffed at but I want just more

I am suspecting my 430W Enermax is the cause what do you guys think
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