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2100+ B (post Your Results)

Now that the 2100+ B are popping up everywhere it would be nice to consolidate the performance in one thread. Please list the following. Copy and paste and then add your info.

Highest stable O/C:
CPU Volts:
Memory Volts:
What MOBO:
What Memory:
Memory Timing:
What are you using for cooling:

This is my info.

Stepping: AUIHB
Week: 020
Highest stable O/C: 2630Mhz.
CPU Volts: 2.2v
Memory Volts: 2.77v
What MOBO: 8RDA+ REV 1.0
What Memory: Samsung PC2700
Memory Timing: 6-2-2-2.5
What are you using for cooling: Water

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