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Fujitsu LifeBook question

I just got me a zippin' fast P133 Fujitsu LifeBook laptop. whats the max hard drive could put in it? It currently has a 3.02GB Toshiba. Also, if i got a docking station for it, then would i have to get a seperate pcmcia network adapter for it? The 500 series docking stations i have seen have 10/100 network ports built into them. Would that docking station add an adapter to the laptop?

By the way it is a Fujitsu LifeBook 531T.

I have also seen DVD drives made for it, but i am assuming that it wouldnt serve as much of anything in a 133 pentium laptop. I believe i can put 128mb ram in it, but i still dont know if it will andle it. Thanks in avance.
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