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It is basically a clone of the built by ATi card. With it you get no extra software and only the minimal connectors.

I have heard they they are not very good overclockers but if I told you I knew for sure I would be lieing to you. But do you really need to overclock a 9700PRO??? I mean I OC my GF2MX from 200/166 to 230/190 and get almost a 20% boost in performance. I OC my Radeon 8500 from 275/275 to 300/300 and get les than 4% increase.

Anyway from all the reviews that I have read the Crucial is a solid no frills card. The hercules is the most feature filled card with the best OCing due to it's non standard HSF and RAMsinks. The saphier tech ultimate looks interesting with it's Zalman passive cooling system but I have never seen one for sale so I couldn't tell you the price.

If you do get a Crucial check out the online deals and steals topic. The is a thread in there with a cupon code for an extra 5% off (don't know if it is still good but it couldn't hurt to try.)
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