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[homer mode]Mmmmm, TBred! [/homer]

Today my new CPU arrived, after a journey across the big pond known as the Atlantic Ocean. Its name is Thoroughbred 1700+, a cheap but powerful solution with a great overclocking potential. Its last name is Juicb, I think it may descend from an ancient tribe known as the mighty J-series.

I ripped out the trusty 1600+ from my Asus motherboard, and in came the replacement.

1466 to 2000
Booted at default speeds and voltages, and voila - 1700+.
Ah, my XP1600+ did 1795MHz and I wanted more. I tried setting the 1700+ to about 1850 MHz, and gave it a wee bit of voltage. Booted straight into Windows. I wanted more. Decided that 2000 MHz wouldn't be bad: Presto, 2000 MHz. Tried running 3Dmark, it went fine. Mmm.... mesa likes.

Above 2000
Got greedy, and went for 2100 MHz straight. Upped the voltage to 1.775 and it went straigt to WinXP. No hickups. WOW, this must be good, I thought to myself.
Lets see what she is really capable of. Went to 2150 and 1.80 Vcore. It kept working. Got even more greedy, and decided on 2212. NO GO! First time it didn't post. I upped the Vcore to 1.93, and into Windows it flew right the first time. This is where I am at now... check the picture.

I'm mighty impressed with this chip. I wonder what the full potential is. I'll have more to tell later.

PS.: I'm watercooling this baby.

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