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If it failed prime why did you INCREASE the fsb, surely lowering the fsb or increasing the vcore would have made more sense ?

Anyway, it sounds like you've corrupted the Bios, I've done this twice and eventually it's come back to life. Try leaving it with disconnected power, battery out and cmos set to clear, I had to leave mine overnight. If that doesn't work try leaving it somewhere cold (sounds strange but it worked for me) for an hour or so.

If none of this works you're going to need a new chip or get someone to flash yours.

P.S. Mine will not run 166 fsb with 2 Corsair pc3500's, drop one of the sticks out or put them both in the 2 slots nearest the cpu.

I have exactly the same setup as you. and managed to corrupt the Bios twice in one day.
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