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There are all type of opinions about burning in components. Many overclockers (some are experts) believe that some CPUs will run better in the long run, and can have their overclocking potential increased through burn ins...

Personally, I installed over 2 dozen CPUs over the last 18 months, I might have gotten 20 extra mhz on about 5 CPUs... Strangely, I've got a cheapo stick of PC2700 that sucked when I got it, and after a few months it can do cas2-2-5-2-2-2 204mhz @2.75v. I'm still stratching my head... go for it. Keep an eye on your temps and voltage, you never know.

Edit: BTW, every machine I own (or touch), magically burn-in indefinitely 24/7 . They all fold! Why don't you check out our folding section and sign up? :-D
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