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Originally posted by JamesUK
Hiya, i think C1 is associated with memory, although at 175fsb i wouldn't have thought you've hardmed your memory, yes reset the cmos by putting the jumper on the other side as you've basicly sed, leave it for about 15 secs then replace it as it was, then power on, it should be fine, and yes the setting will reset, but go straight in to your bios and load the default settings then make any changes u requier.

let us know how it goes.
First and foremost, thank you for the reply. I have since found the solution which involved hammering the Insert key about a hundred times on boot up followed by a few swift Delete button bashing giving access to the BIOS and letting me set the FSB back to normal. I only set it to 170MHz from the default of 166MHz. Bit odd, but there you go.

Thanks again though.
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