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ATI Catalyst... need some help

Ok... I might have pulled a bone head move.

I'm running catalyst 2.5 on my 8500LE, w/ DX8.1.
I updated to DX9 and lost over 2000 in 3dm2k1.
Is this normal? would I get that score back if I updated to catalyst 3.0??

I used a restore point to roll back to dx8. I have no idea what dx9 is useful for anyway... except to run the new 3kmark.
(I won't try it until I get a handle on this.)

I'd like to understand what I'm trying to accomplish before I risk fubar'ing my system.

EDIT: In other words... will I get similar performance running cat3.0 w/ dx9 as I currently get running cat2.5 w/ dx8.1? (aside from dx9 features, which I have no clue anyway... and no support)
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