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Barton Compatibility

Several folks have asked if the Barton will be compatible with their boards. some quick quotes and miscellaneous info:

Motherboard Compatibility and 400MHz FSB Bartons

A general rule of thumb for Barton is the all nForce 2 and KT400 motherboards will support the new CPU. Upcoming boards based on the VIA KT400A and SiS 746FX will also have support. The older chipsets don't officially support a 333MHz FSB, but it is likely that Barton support that is unofficial will be rolled into many bios files.
From AMD Zone

AMD will launch the Barton with a 333Mhz bus speed instead of the rumoured 400Mhz. We suspect this is more to do with the availability and cost of memory and motherboards that are capable of running at 400Mhz FSB rather that the processors ability. As processor speed is a combination of FSB and multiplier, AMD could have made the XP3000+ run at 200Mhz FSB simply by choosing an 11x multiplier instead of 13x.

We expect the new core to launch in the form of three chips

Athlon XP 3000+ 2.167Ghz / 333FSB / 13.0x multiplier
Athlon XP 2800+ 2.083GHz / 333FSB / 12.5x multiplier
Athlon XP 2500+ 1.833GHz / 333FSB / 11.0x multiplier

The AMD Barton processor is of a similar physical core size to the Thoroughbred range, retaining the AMD Socket A interface. It therefore fits any motherboard that is TBred/Socket A compliant, the only restriction being the way the bios recognises the processor and this will be fixed when manufacturers release bios updates. The Asus A7N8X displayed the processor as an XP3000+ with the latest 1002 bios, but only recognised it by its true speed of 2158Mhz using the older 1001D bios. Despite this, functionality and performance appeared to be identical with both bios’s.
From Hexus

Your mileage may vary but the broad answer is this:
If you are upgrading from a T-Bird or T-Bred with 333 FSB you will easily be able to swap to the CPU out with the above listed 333FSB lines currently available. It is quite likely that the 400 FSB's that are up and coming in higher speeds will also be totally compatible with your 333 FSB board. If you have a 400 FSB board, you will already be fine. All that may be needed is a BIOS update, although that will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some will need nothing.

Hope this helps.
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