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Problem with drivers for soundcard

Ok.. This problem has already broken a toe (long story about a clumsy kick, a plastic bottle and a wall)..

I have just purchased a 8RDA+ board with LEGEND RAM (sold as Hyundai). I rebuilt my machine with above mentioned new HW. Installed Win2kPro (clean). All went rather well until I loaded my sound card drivers. The install crashed and I was not able to uninstall the drivers and thus lost sound all together.

My sound card is a VideoLogic SonicXplosion. It is picked up as a Crystal SoundFusion by W2K, and kinda works, although I can't load the control panel therefore I don't have EQ surround sound control etc. All of the existing HW was working perfectly with my old mainboard (Abit KT7) and RAM under Win2K WinME. Everything seems to be working under Win98, though I just got that running before I started this and haven’t installed anything other than the OS, so I’ll hold my breath on that one.

I have also observed the game port on the SonicXplosion has problems. It is telling me it can't use either of the IO address ranges due to lack of resources. However when I go through the used IO ranges 0200-0207 and 0208-020F are not in use. If I enable the onboard game port it shows in device manager as a standard game port and it uses either 201(hex) or 209(hex) without any change to the SonicXplosion game port. Bugger. Both of these addresses are sitting nicely in the ranges the card can't use.

I have not as yet updated to the latest BIOS (will be doing that soon) and I'm not sure if I have the latest chipset drivers on yet (having a bit of trouble finding the version number). I am running the only drivers available for the Sound Card

I have been back to see the mob I bought the sound card off and they didn't seem to give a flying f@ck about my problem (which also contributed to the sore toe)...
I am beginning to feel I am the only one of the face of the planet with this problem and only have 9 toes left :-D.

System Specs
W2K Pro/W98 dual boot
Epox 8RDA+
2 x 256 LEGEND L3264D36-643HDC5A PC2700 (cas 2.5?)
Duron 1000
Generic (Paradise) Nvidia Geforce4 440 MX 64Mb
VideoLogic SonicXplosion
Lucent chip Modem (Genius LT Win Modem)
Liteon 24102B CDRW
Asus E608 DVD
Seagate ST310212A
Quantum FireballP AS60.0
Bliss 300W PS (bought specially for this board)
Logitech 5.1 speaker system
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