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Don't take me the wrong way. Thus far I am very impressed with your product. And I certainly don't want to offend you, or for that matter anyone else.
However seeing I only purchased the card 5 - 6 weeks ago, I just can't afford to give up on this. $200 is far too much money for me just to throw away. I have seen the assistance others have received and am miffed at the speed of dismissal of this problem. I have already bought the board so you guys don't need to sell me the sound capabilities.
If you are like me, answering the everyday "My printer doesn't work", "My screen is flickering", "Which hole do I plug my modem into". "DOCSOpen isn't letting me open a file" questions gets very tedious. I long for the opportunity to get my teeth into something challenging. But hey. If you just want to give up... Well it's just not cricket...
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