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Originally posted by surlyjoe
I personally dont play consoles cuase I dont like controllers.
And as for the kids, If they wanna play video games in my house, they have to learn how to use the PC while they do it! I think games are great, but theres too many kids that play video games all day and cant even print someting on the PC! I'm all for geekdom, but your carreer chioces are pretty limited as a PS2 operator :P
My kids already have an N64.. I wanna throw it in the garbage. I had my kids fooled for 2 years letting them play educational games on the PC, and THEY HAD LOTS OF FUN TOO!!! Now, my son (7) only plays the learning games a couple of times a week, and hours a day on N64. And yeah, I was hooked on atari as a kid, so I've been patient with it. At least on a PC he was starting to learn to type a little.... At least his PC is folding 24/7. Are there any educational games that teach programming???

Me, I'm happy playing games on the PC, no interest in consoles... I hate those controllers, too.
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