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8rga+ do i need a new psu

Hi all

i upgraded from a 8rda+ which ran my xp2400 at 200x11 and the vcore fluctuated a little but in bios/boot stayed at what i set it at

with the 8rga+ its allowed me to run at 200x11.5 or 210x 10.5 (highest ive tried with time ive had)
but the vcore fluctuates massive amounts it goes from 1.8 - 1-9 with vcore set in bios at 1.9 and windowsboot never shows the correct voltage set in the bios is 1.9 and 1.88 shows in the boot up health screen

my 12 volt line is now much lower 11.61
psu i have at the moment is a 400w sparkle do i change this or ive heard it can have its pots tweaked if i do that wats a safe way of upping them

mosfets seem to run much hotter than my 8rda's also
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