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sorry for not answering your question but as these 8rga+ boards are really rare at this moment i would like to know:

at what vdd did it run 210MHz?
highest fsb?
did you try the integrated graphics? 3DMark2001 score? at 200+ fsb if possible.


i'm considering this 8rga+ board and they have them in stock where i live (Slovenia) and i have to make a quick decision. currently i have 8rda+ with vdd mod but can't do more than 215MHz even with more than 1.9V without screen tearing in 3D. i can sell my 8rda+ and my gf2 ti for a little less than the price for 8rga+. i don't play games that much, but i really wouldn't want to get much less than 5500 3DMarks (would that be possible with 210+ fsb and a fast cpu > 2200MHz). currently i get 6450 3DMarks.
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