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Got it installed, now please help me run it - GRRR error

My 3dmark2k3 experience has sucked so far as anyone who read my previous thread will see. Anyway now I've got it installed.

Another thread says it is intended to work on "entry level", DX8 cards. I have a Radeon 9000, the 9th highest scorer on 3dmark 2k1 and a DX8.1 compatible card. You would think that would be good enough. I know they're ment to be pushing new technology but seriously where's the backwards compatibility??? The card is 6 months old! It evens runs the Doom 3 alpha sweetly and UT2k3 with ease but because it "does not support stencil buffer" even though its a fully DX8 compliant card, it cannot perform any of the tests. I WANT EYE CANDY!!! I didn't spend 2 weeks downloading this at 2.5kb/sec every evening and weekend to find my brand spanking new graphiucs card has been deemed out of date.

I'm running Catalyst 3.1 drivers and DX9 (DX8 wouldn't even run the frontend). Can anybody help me? is this a freak error, would you recommend roling back the drivers?
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